Harvesting Energy Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic system is a way of harvesting energy from the potential energy of the fluid in the shock absorbers when the vehicle travels on uneven roads. This energy can be converted into electricity and stored in the battery or used to power other devices on the vehicle. This can improve the ride comfort and reduce the cooling demand of the vehicle.

Other energy harvesting techniques on an electric vehicle include solar cells, regenerative braking, wireless charging, and self-charging batteries. These techniques can use various sources of energy, such as solar, wind, kinetic, thermal, or electromagnetic energy, to generate and store electricity onboard the vehicle. These techniques can supplement the battery power and extend the range of the vehicle.

These are some of the energy harvesting techniques on an electric vehicle that can generate power for charging technology to amplify towards a fully charged battery pack.

However, they are still in the research and development stage and have not been widely implemented in commercial applications. They also face some challenges such as low power output, high cost, and compatibility issues. Therefore, more research and development are needed to improve the performance and feasibility of these techniques in the future.

Dynamical Dynamo onboard an electric vehicle.